Fitness Wrap-up

For record-keeping sake, I wanted to post my workouts from this past week.

Sunday: off

Monday: 40 minute treadmill walking at 5 degree incline/3.6mph

Tuesday: approximately 50 minutes of campus walking

Wednesday: 55 minutes treadmill walking at 6 degree incline/3.7 mph; approximately 30 minutes campus walking

Thursday: approximately 50 minutes of campus walking

Friday: 35 minutes treadmill walking at 6 degree incline/3.6 mph; approximately 25 minutes of campus walking

Saturday: off

My foot has been awesome with the tendonitis. I’m still not keen on running yet because it’s still stiff and painful first thing in the morning. And, as you can see, I was not really feeling my typical elliptical workouts for some reason. This past week was particularly stressful, with 2 midterms, 1 mondo paper, 2 novels to read in full, and all my normal weekly assignments. I knew I was stress eating all week long, mostly at night when I was trying to get things down when all my body and mind wanted to do was sleep. But making that effort to at least make it to the gym and sweat a little made me feel a little balanced out. This week will hopefully be better and I’d like to intensify my work outs juuuust a tad. However, my goal is to totally not turn my work outs into sessions so intense that it just wouldn’t be attainable to my life that is heavily saturated in academia until May.

Here’s a few snapshots from this past week and weekend.

It was a busy week but the weekend was full of family and friends!

Goals for this coming week:

  1. Stop the stress eating!
  2. Up the intensity a little– still have the same number of work outs but maybe up the incline, speed, or time a bit.
  3. Relax!


The weather is finally dethawing! I’m excited for a Preview-of-Spring-in-Winter week! 🙂


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fiber fanatic?

I’ve been instructed by my doctor (and influenced by the blog world) to embrace fiber. Load up! Due to medical problems and the general health reasons behind a diet full in fiber has brought me to the experiment of Benefiber.

I started taking this supplement this past summer, but after a month or so started to not take it as much. It’s recommended to take 1-3 times daily. I was taking it once daily. And then 2 times a week. Then really not at all. I told my doctor this last week and he was not happy. So, here I go again with the morning ritual.

I began adding a scoop of it to my coffee every morning. I’m doing really well…I haven’t forgotten one morning this week! 😉

And with a little bit of Almond Breeze, I’m set to go with my coffee!

Here’s my problem. Actually, I have a couple.

First of all, the Benefiber gets almost lumpy at first. And I don’t know if I should be putting it in coffee. I know you’re supposed to take fiber with lots of water, so maybe I’m doing this wrong.

And maybe it’s just me, but I feel like my stomach is out to HERE with this supplement. Maybe it’s all in my head?

I’ll continue on with this experiment and see if there are more benefits than cons. I also thought about just upping my fruits and veggies rather than taking a supplement. I feel like fiber is EVERYWHERE in the grocery store. Sometimes, I don’t want or need double/triple fiber in my bread!

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5 things

Today at work, I started thinking about the five things I’ll miss most about college. (Just about 2 months!!) Granted, I’ll still be in college next year, but it won’t be the same traditional “undergrad” lifestyle.

1. The fact that it’s perfectly acceptable to eat a frozen, less-than-healthy meal more than a few times a week.

Hot Pockets “Whole Grain” Ham/Turkey/Cheese Pocket with an orange.

This was actually pretty good. I don’t like to eat frozen meals for a few reasons. 1. Sodium content. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel “puffy” after eating too many salty foods. 2. I feel like I’m not putting any effort into being creative. But, sometimes I’m just beat after a long day on campus!

2. My job. I have an awesome on-campus job with awesome people.

…actually, it’s a sucky job but the people are really great! Let’s just say that I take in ticket appeals for violations. Not the happiest of customers.

3. Being close to my family. I’ll be moving close to another sector of my family, but my mom, dad, and many others I’ll be living behind in cold, windy New England.


Mom, Nanny, Sister, and new baby nephew, Jayden

(top photo: my sister at her babyshower and me)

3. My lifelong friend, Aimee, and the super lame/fun nights we encountered throughout college.

4. New England Holidays and Scenery

I don’t even want to think what I’ll do without my mom’s apple pie at Thanksgiving!

5. Hoarding food from my mom’s house when I visit. That’s out of the question when you’re about 1300 miles away.

I think I’ll love my new lifestyle more than miss my old one. With the exception of one brief semester, I never enjoyed college parties or drinking very much. Still to this day, I choose to stay home with a movie or book rather than go out. I hate that feeling in the morning after a long night out. Or the feeling on the carpet in the morning because you fell asleep on your friend’s (who’s really just the friend of a friend) apartment. Yeah, I’m good with that.

Moving on!

Strawberry Low-Fat Yogurt with Bear Naked Protein Granola, and a crumbled homemade “experimental” muffin for breakfast. YUM!

Lunch consisted of a granola bar, turkey and veggie cheese on a whole wheat wrap and an orange (which I never ate)

And then I had some carrot sticks I snagged from my house on lunch.

I want to include my workouts because I hope it’ll keep me more accountable if I put it on here.

I typically work out four days a week, plus two days of intense campus walking (60+ minutes)

Last week:

  • Sunday: 35 minutes, elliptical
  • Tuesday: 25 minutes elliptical and 15 minutes treadmill (3.6 mph walking with 4 degree incline)
  • Wednesday: 45 minutes elliptical
  • Saturday: 35 minutes treadmill and 25 minutes elliptical

This morning, I woke up at 5:00am and had a nice 40 minutes treadmill workout. My right foot is recovering from tendonitis so I can’t run. I’m working on being able to walk at the incline I used to be able to do. So, this morning I peaked at 3.6mph aand a 5 degree incline.

I know this is a new blog but if anyone does stop by, please feel free to throw your opinon at anything. I’d really love advice/feedback on anything. 🙂

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more interesting than a sociology textbook

I trotted on over–in my car, that is–to Panera this afternoon for some serious working. I had lots of reading and lots of editing of papers to do and I needed a chnage of scenery. Enter: a nice little table and soy coffee at a Panera that a traveled more than a little bit to get to. My university had a basketball game today which translates to: you cannot find a parking spot on campus and/or get through campus traffic all day. I tried. I failed. So, I found a new destination.

My first “assignment” I gave myself was to read a chapter in my Sociology of Education book. (When I have lots to do, I always write out a list of what I’m going to do and in what order. It helps put things into perspective and checking off each task after completed gives me a sense of accomplishment, which translates in more motivation to keep going.) I was flowing through the pages until a group of–I’m guessing–teenage girls sat down close to me. All young, pretty, fit-looking. And then they started the fat talk. Ugh. It made me want to get up and give each girl a hug.

The conversation focused on one girl in the group saying that she was fat–or fatter than she was when she was dancing. She actually said she quit dancing because she hated the way her legs looked. Then another girl chimed in and told her that “she might be fat” but to everyone else, she was skinny. The girls continued to try to make their friend realize that she was the ideal size to the rest of world thus no need to worry; but, “yeah, you have gotten a lilttle fatter.” The original girl then goes on to talk about her mother. A 46 year-old woman who apparently prided herself on being the same size as her high school daughter. This upset the girl because her mom seemed to keep emphasizing how small she was–every comment she made to her daughter was in direct relation to her size. Ugh. It got worse. She continued to say that her mom said she was going to continue to get fat if she remained inactive–and all the girls in the group agreed.

That girl needs a hug. A huge hug. And then a pep talk. Girls need to stop talking like this and constantly comparing themselves to others. Girls can’t quit passions (like dance) just because of the mirror! I know certain sports are harder on body image than others. In my experience in horse showing, girls were constantly in a struggle to be thin (because you look better to the judges and clothes fit better) and be muscular (because you’re riding a massive animal!). Although I felt the pressures, I never considered stopping because of weight/body image issues.

Another issue: parents. Especially mothers. Mothers need to STOP obsessing over their weight and looks in order to be an example to their daughters as to what to strive for. If a mother is not comfortable with herself in her 40s, then how can a teenage girl expect to be? If moms show confidence, the girls will know its attainable.

All this was much more interesting than my book. So, I ended up only reading half the chapter and started listening to the girls (very loud) conversation. It made me want to be a teacher even more because I know I need to reach out to these girls and in particular at their age. I definitely feel like this is where my life is heading!

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American Indian fusion

With all the problems I’ve had with body image, I’ve found the best thing to do is to get into the right mindset. Without being mentally calm, I’m never going to be able to get through my day! And, surprisingly enough, my minor in college has helped me create an ideal mindset. What is my minor? Native American and Indigenous Studies. It seems completely unrelated to body image issues, right? That’s what I thought, too!

Note: I typically go back and forth with what is the correct title to give the indigenous population of current day United States. Native American, American Indian, Indian–what do you use?! My college has recently been doing an amazing job at hiring a Native staff and they all have addressed this issue. When it comes down to it, there is no correct blanket term because Native cultures are not a blanket group. Thus, they all usually request we use whatever we feel comfortable with and I’ve taken notice that American Indian is used quite a bit by particular groups. Thus, while I will switch it up sometimes, I will try to use American Indian.

American Indian cultures, generally speaking, embrace a lifestyle of moderation and calmness. There’s a stress on doing what works for you and that each individual has his or her own unique needs. They strive for happiness and deemphasize a material culture. This is a complete stray away from mainstream American culture, which I believe is a HUGE part of body image issues in this country. Simply, American Indian cultures recognize what many Western cultures don’t: we all need to take a deep breath and relax. We all need to flow through life, one breath at a time.

Most of the time, I feel myself losing control of situations because I am so stressed out. (I’m pretty sure everyone has this issue!) However, when I’m doing research on Native culture, I suddenly realize that so long as I’m putting my best effort forth and I’m living morally, then whatever I’m facing isn’t going to define me and ultimately can’t hurt me. So, I guess Native cultures give me a sort of safety from the fast-paced, work-til-you-drop Western culture that we all live in.

There are many more aspects to American Indian cultures that I adore, but in terms of body image, this concept struck me. In the future, I’d think it’d be interesting to look at eating disorder rates in Native communities to see if there were spikes in occurences at certain historical points. In other non-Americanized cultures, I have found that when American culture is exposed to them, eating disorders and body image becomes a major problem. Sometimes I wonder if I hadn’t been brought up in America, would I have ever had the body image issues that I have now? Jury’s still out on this one!

So, last night and this morning were all about school work for me. I have two mid-terms and a hefty paper due all this week. Plus, I have to have two books read by Tuesday and I’m only half way through on the first one! Yikes!

I kicked off my Saturday with a delish yogurt mix of:

  • 1 container of Great Value Light Strawberry yougrt
  • 1 oatmeal cookie, crimbled (I made these yesterday and they came out SO CAKEY…it was wonderful.)
  • 1/2 honey and oats granola bar, crumbled
  • sprinkle of Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds

Doesn’t look pretty but it sure was delicious. For some reason, I always need something cold in the morning. I find warm breakfasts not refreshing first thing.

My co-worker bought me a Turbie Twist for Christmas. I had my doubts but I really love it!

Thanks, Olga! 🙂


I have a lot of work to do for my Caribbean History class today. Off I go! Happy Sunday!

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sleeping star

I fell asleep at 9:00 last night! Whoa! I knew this week had exhausted me but I didn’t know by that much. I didn’t open my eyes until 7:30 this morning (except for a quick wape-up around 6:00 due to an alarm that my housemate never shut off!). I got up, went right to my bathroom sink to put in contacts, wash my face, and brush my teeth. The gym was in my near future. Until…

I started sweating profusely, became unbelievably dizzy and nauseous, and had to sit down, right there, on my bathroom floor. My hands started shaking, as well. What the hell was going on! I couldn’t move to do my go-to action when I’m in an unfamiliar situation–call my mom–so I just had to sit it out. About five minutes went by, and I struggled back to my feet and washed my face with cold water. I came back to my bed and dialed up my mom. Apparently, this happens to her all the time. Well, then. After about 15 minutes, I was feeling chills all throughout my body. My mom suggested that my body was just hungry. I hadn’t eaten since 7:30…so I guess it had been over 12 hours…but there was no need for my body to want to vomit! Actually, my stomach didn’t even seem to be hungry. Around 8:30 or so, I finally felt okay and made myself a bowl of peach yogurt and Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds. I mixed the two together for a delish meal. I knew I wanted something cold after the sweaty mess I had been just 45 minutes earlier!

It hit the spot. 🙂

I’m still feeling shaky for some oddball reason so I’ve decided to flip flop my plans for today. Instead of doing work in the afternoon and my work out in the morning, I’m going to get crackin’ on the work right now. Happy Saturday!

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graduation…2 months away?!

Okay, not quite two months away, but close! I’m one of many, many almost-college-grads that are facing the scary job market of today. What’s a gal to do but freak out, right? Wrong. I have spent the past week wasting time with anxiety. Eating more, sleeping less, and gradually losing focus on things in my life that actually matter have made this week match the weather: stormy, soggy, and downright miserable.

Last night after attempting to sleep for over an hour, I abruptly sat up and threw on my glasses. I had been snappy with my friends, rude to my mother, neglecting current school work, crunching numbers in the middle of Contemporary Native Americans class, and eating to fill the void created by my newfound lack of security. If you’re like me, when there’s no plan for the near future, you crumble–and quickly. Well, last night, I finally had enough of letting myself crumble and made a plan to keep myself together.

1. For 15 minutes right before sleep, meditate. I never understood what meditating entailed but this is what I do: find a completely silent place and focus on your breathing. In, out. In, out. Or, sometimes I count and just focus on that. Once I discussed this with an awesome sociology professor of mine, and she suggested that when an “outside” thought–that is, a thought that plagues your life, such as bills–enters your mind, start back at the number one. For some reason, this soothes me more than chamomile tea.

2. Each day, keep up with new job postings. I frequent every day so that I don’t lose track of postings I’ve already seen. By going to the advanced search, you can narrow the search down to only the past 24 hours. It saves you time instead of having to backlog a few days worth and you stay fresh with new opportunities just posted.

3. Think about that brownie. When I reach for sweets, it’s usually because I’m trying to either avoid something unpleasant or give myself that warm feeling that the job market just fails at doing. I tell myself that the good feelings the brownie gives me will only last until I’ve finished eating it–all of one minute. Those bad feelings will still be there. Do something that will help you be proactive rather than procrastinate.

4. Get down on the floor and stretch. Honestly, best morning ritual ever. I go to sleep in my (clean!) workout clothes and wake up ready to get down–on my yoga mat! Just taking 5 minutes to do some simple stretches can change your outlook for the day. I go to websites such as to find easy moves when I’m in a funk. Working on balance, such as when I stretch my quads, also gives off a feeling of calmness to the body and mind. At the end of each stetch session, I take three deep breaths.

5. Pump up the music and jam out. Pretty straight forward–it gives me a giant release.

6. Keep a list of jobs to which you applied so that follow-ups are more simple. keeps a history of all your applications, cover letters, and resumes for easy tracking. I highly recommend!

As you can see, it’s a mix of ideas that help with organizing the job search but mostly to keep me sane. It’s important that I’m in a good place so that I can keep my momentum going for those future job interviews! 😉

When all else fails, I reminisce about really great times in my life.

Views from Le Tour Eiffel, Summer 2009

My days with Glitterbug

Nights out with amazing friends





the pure happiness I get from a Starbucks soy iced coffee — and the fact that I scouted this particular one out in Paris


My point is, I need to remember this rough spot all of us job-seekers are experiencing is but a momentary time. We’ll all find our way, regardless of if it’s the way we thought we would take. Thank goodness. 😉

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