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You’re reading the blog of a horse, coffee, history, sunshine, education, fitness, and food lovin’ girl from New England. I’m graduating in May with a Bachelor of Arts in History and a minor in Native American and Indigenous Studies. This blog will document my last months in college and New England as I embark on my next chapter of life– one that involves a big move and graduate school. All the things I just mentioned I loved have had huge influence on who I am…and you can read all about them on my other pages.

I’ve read food blogs for a while but it took a long time to decide to make this one. By reading blogs, it helped me develop an appreciation for food and look at it as a way to energize my body rather than abuse it. I finally feel like I’ve finally reached a healthy, natural balance. Granted, I might go off kilter every once in a while, but overall I’ve come so far. The blog community helped me have a whole new appreciation for health.

What’s the inspiration behind the name? Writing is my release. It’s allowed me to regain my life. Free flow writing has pulled me up from many low points in the past and continues to this very day.  Although other outlets, such as exercise, has brought new, positive perspectives to me, words have been a way to just let go. So, I write to live.

What’s my fitness philosophy? Well, first of all, I’m NOT a runner. At all! The most I ever run is about 3 miles–and it’s never a speedy time, either. I jog. I walk. I ride. I hike. I spin. I actually don’t swim very well (doggy paddling, pretty much). I think this is where I differ from most blogs out there. I get very bored running for very long and I land on my feet incorrectly, resulting in some painful hips, knees, and feet. I’m not a fitness fanatic in the sense that I go 6 days a week. Typically, I like to sweat about 4 times a week. A usual gym session for me runs about 60 minutes. I’m all business when at the gym so I get in there and get out. Basically, I work out when I want to. The majority of the time, I want to have a sweat session…but some days are just better to take a leisurely walk or stay in my sweats. 🙂

What’s my food philosophy? Eat what you love. If I can’t pronounce the ingredients, if they ingredient list is too long, and if it looks more like a chemistry experiment, don’t eat it. Eat slowly and stop when you’re full. Sure, the latter part is easier said than done. I’d rather have the “real” version of a food than the “low-fat” or healthy version because those second-rate versions are just that…second-rate! I have a sweet tooth. But I love how after an unhealthy eating streak, my body just craves healthy food. I do not calorie count. I tried that for about a month and literally made myself go crazy. I practice intuitive eating (for the most part) and I try not to sweat it if I have a particularly indulgent meal. My body always seems to balance itself out. American society doesn’t give our bodies enough credit!

Do I have any food allergies, intolerances, or sensitivities? Oh my gosh, yes. When I was 8 or 9, my doctor told me I was lactose intolerant. About a year ago, I discovered that he had never done an actual test for this intolerancy but I decided to not go through with the test that I deem as self-torture. I have cut out most dairy products from my life for the past 12 or 13 years, and I plan to continue. I experimented with some ice cream and skim milks in the past and it usually ended in excrutiatingly horrible pain. Through trial and error, I have found some yogurts and veeery few cheeses that I can consume, so I just stick with that. Soy had been my go-to milk for coffee, ceral, etc. but in the last year, even that has not agreed with my body. Now, I’m finding other options, such as almond milk. Also, my stomach has a hard time digesting a lot of fiber or foods that do not easily break down. A veggie platter at a party could end with horrible stomach pains for me. Hot beverages, such as coffee, hot cocoa, and tea, can all disrupt my stomach, as well. I have been in and out of the doctor’s office for years and have gone through several procedures to figure out why my body rejects so many foods–healthy foods! I’ve tried several different experiments, including a gluten-free and vegetarian diet to no avail. It’s a constant learning experience every day as I learn to fuel and feed my body the way it likes.

Have I had issues with food? See my body image story page!

Do I eat meat or poultry? I have tried being a vegetarian a few times. However, my body is able to digest poultry so well that I usually turn to those type of meal options. I do not like red meat and will only have it every once in a great while…maybe once a year.

What are my favorite blogs? I started by reading Cristin Dillon-Jones “Eat Like Me” blog on in early 2009. Now my favorits include Sarah at Running to Slow Things Down and Tina at!

I don’t have a set plan for what will be written. It’ll likely be about horses, coffee, history, sunshine, education, fitness, and food seeing as those are all things I love. 😉



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