Fitness Wrap-up

8 March 2010 at 2:30 am Leave a comment

For record-keeping sake, I wanted to post my workouts from this past week.

Sunday: off

Monday: 40 minute treadmill walking at 5 degree incline/3.6mph

Tuesday: approximately 50 minutes of campus walking

Wednesday: 55 minutes treadmill walking at 6 degree incline/3.7 mph; approximately 30 minutes campus walking

Thursday: approximately 50 minutes of campus walking

Friday: 35 minutes treadmill walking at 6 degree incline/3.6 mph; approximately 25 minutes of campus walking

Saturday: off

My foot has been awesome with the tendonitis. I’m still not keen on running yet because it’s still stiff and painful first thing in the morning. And, as you can see, I was not really feeling my typical elliptical workouts for some reason. This past week was particularly stressful, with 2 midterms, 1 mondo paper, 2 novels to read in full, and all my normal weekly assignments. I knew I was stress eating all week long, mostly at night when I was trying to get things down when all my body and mind wanted to do was sleep. But making that effort to at least make it to the gym and sweat a little made me feel a little balanced out. This week will hopefully be better and I’d like to intensify my work outs juuuust a tad. However, my goal is to totally not turn my work outs into sessions so intense that it just wouldn’t be attainable to my life that is heavily saturated in academia until May.

Here’s a few snapshots from this past week and weekend.

It was a busy week but the weekend was full of family and friends!

Goals for this coming week:

  1. Stop the stress eating!
  2. Up the intensity a little– still have the same number of work outs but maybe up the incline, speed, or time a bit.
  3. Relax!


The weather is finally dethawing! I’m excited for a Preview-of-Spring-in-Winter week! 🙂


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