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3 March 2010 at 9:39 pm Leave a comment

I’ve been instructed by my doctor (and influenced by the blog world) to embrace fiber. Load up! Due to medical problems and the general health reasons behind a diet full in fiber has brought me to the experiment of Benefiber.

I started taking this supplement this past summer, but after a month or so started to not take it as much. It’s recommended to take 1-3 times daily. I was taking it once daily. And then 2 times a week. Then really not at all. I told my doctor this last week and he was not happy. So, here I go again with the morning ritual.

I began adding a scoop of it to my coffee every morning. I’m doing really well…I haven’t forgotten one morning this week! 😉

And with a little bit of Almond Breeze, I’m set to go with my coffee!

Here’s my problem. Actually, I have a couple.

First of all, the Benefiber gets almost lumpy at first. And I don’t know if I should be putting it in coffee. I know you’re supposed to take fiber with lots of water, so maybe I’m doing this wrong.

And maybe it’s just me, but I feel like my stomach is out to HERE with this supplement. Maybe it’s all in my head?

I’ll continue on with this experiment and see if there are more benefits than cons. I also thought about just upping my fruits and veggies rather than taking a supplement. I feel like fiber is EVERYWHERE in the grocery store. Sometimes, I don’t want or need double/triple fiber in my bread!


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