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Today at work, I started thinking about the five things I’ll miss most about college. (Just about 2 months!!) Granted, I’ll still be in college next year, but it won’t be the same traditional “undergrad” lifestyle.

1. The fact that it’s perfectly acceptable to eat a frozen, less-than-healthy meal more than a few times a week.

Hot Pockets “Whole Grain” Ham/Turkey/Cheese Pocket with an orange.

This was actually pretty good. I don’t like to eat frozen meals for a few reasons. 1. Sodium content. I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel “puffy” after eating too many salty foods. 2. I feel like I’m not putting any effort into being creative. But, sometimes I’m just beat after a long day on campus!

2. My job. I have an awesome on-campus job with awesome people.

…actually, it’s a sucky job but the people are really great! Let’s just say that I take in ticket appeals for violations. Not the happiest of customers.

3. Being close to my family. I’ll be moving close to another sector of my family, but my mom, dad, and many others I’ll be living behind in cold, windy New England.


Mom, Nanny, Sister, and new baby nephew, Jayden

(top photo: my sister at her babyshower and me)

3. My lifelong friend, Aimee, and the super lame/fun nights we encountered throughout college.

4. New England Holidays and Scenery

I don’t even want to think what I’ll do without my mom’s apple pie at Thanksgiving!

5. Hoarding food from my mom’s house when I visit. That’s out of the question when you’re about 1300 miles away.

I think I’ll love my new lifestyle more than miss my old one. With the exception of one brief semester, I never enjoyed college parties or drinking very much. Still to this day, I choose to stay home with a movie or book rather than go out. I hate that feeling in the morning after a long night out. Or the feeling on the carpet in the morning because you fell asleep on your friend’s (who’s really just the friend of a friend) apartment. Yeah, I’m good with that.

Moving on!

Strawberry Low-Fat Yogurt with Bear Naked Protein Granola, and a crumbled homemade “experimental” muffin for breakfast. YUM!

Lunch consisted of a granola bar, turkey and veggie cheese on a whole wheat wrap and an orange (which I never ate)

And then I had some carrot sticks I snagged from my house on lunch.

I want to include my workouts because I hope it’ll keep me more accountable if I put it on here.

I typically work out four days a week, plus two days of intense campus walking (60+ minutes)

Last week:

  • Sunday: 35 minutes, elliptical
  • Tuesday: 25 minutes elliptical and 15 minutes treadmill (3.6 mph walking with 4 degree incline)
  • Wednesday: 45 minutes elliptical
  • Saturday: 35 minutes treadmill and 25 minutes elliptical

This morning, I woke up at 5:00am and had a nice 40 minutes treadmill workout. My right foot is recovering from tendonitis so I can’t run. I’m working on being able to walk at the incline I used to be able to do. So, this morning I peaked at 3.6mph aand a 5 degree incline.

I know this is a new blog but if anyone does stop by, please feel free to throw your opinon at anything. I’d really love advice/feedback on anything. 🙂


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