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With all the problems I’ve had with body image, I’ve found the best thing to do is to get into the right mindset. Without being mentally calm, I’m never going to be able to get through my day! And, surprisingly enough, my minor in college has helped me create an ideal mindset. What is my minor? Native American and Indigenous Studies. It seems completely unrelated to body image issues, right? That’s what I thought, too!

Note: I typically go back and forth with what is the correct title to give the indigenous population of current day United States. Native American, American Indian, Indian–what do you use?! My college has recently been doing an amazing job at hiring a Native staff and they all have addressed this issue. When it comes down to it, there is no correct blanket term because Native cultures are not a blanket group. Thus, they all usually request we use whatever we feel comfortable with and I’ve taken notice that American Indian is used quite a bit by particular groups. Thus, while I will switch it up sometimes, I will try to use American Indian.

American Indian cultures, generally speaking, embrace a lifestyle of moderation and calmness. There’s a stress on doing what works for you and that each individual has his or her own unique needs. They strive for happiness and deemphasize a material culture. This is a complete stray away from mainstream American culture, which I believe is a HUGE part of body image issues in this country. Simply, American Indian cultures recognize what many Western cultures don’t: we all need to take a deep breath and relax. We all need to flow through life, one breath at a time.

Most of the time, I feel myself losing control of situations because I am so stressed out. (I’m pretty sure everyone has this issue!) However, when I’m doing research on Native culture, I suddenly realize that so long as I’m putting my best effort forth and I’m living morally, then whatever I’m facing isn’t going to define me and ultimately can’t hurt me. So, I guess Native cultures give me a sort of safety from the fast-paced, work-til-you-drop Western culture that we all live in.

There are many more aspects to American Indian cultures that I adore, but in terms of body image, this concept struck me. In the future, I’d think it’d be interesting to look at eating disorder rates in Native communities to see if there were spikes in occurences at certain historical points. In other non-Americanized cultures, I have found that when American culture is exposed to them, eating disorders and body image becomes a major problem. Sometimes I wonder if I hadn’t been brought up in America, would I have ever had the body image issues that I have now? Jury’s still out on this one!

So, last night and this morning were all about school work for me. I have two mid-terms and a hefty paper due all this week. Plus, I have to have two books read by Tuesday and I’m only half way through on the first one! Yikes!

I kicked off my Saturday with a delish yogurt mix of:

  • 1 container of Great Value Light Strawberry yougrt
  • 1 oatmeal cookie, crimbled (I made these yesterday and they came out SO CAKEY…it was wonderful.)
  • 1/2 honey and oats granola bar, crumbled
  • sprinkle of Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds

Doesn’t look pretty but it sure was delicious. For some reason, I always need something cold in the morning. I find warm breakfasts not refreshing first thing.

My co-worker bought me a Turbie Twist for Christmas. I had my doubts but I really love it!

Thanks, Olga! 🙂


I have a lot of work to do for my Caribbean History class today. Off I go! Happy Sunday!


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