graduation…2 months away?!

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Okay, not quite two months away, but close! I’m one of many, many almost-college-grads that are facing the scary job market of today. What’s a gal to do but freak out, right? Wrong. I have spent the past week wasting time with anxiety. Eating more, sleeping less, and gradually losing focus on things in my life that actually matter have made this week match the weather: stormy, soggy, and downright miserable.

Last night after attempting to sleep for over an hour, I abruptly sat up and threw on my glasses. I had been snappy with my friends, rude to my mother, neglecting current school work, crunching numbers in the middle of Contemporary Native Americans class, and eating to fill the void created by my newfound lack of security. If you’re like me, when there’s no plan for the near future, you crumble–and quickly. Well, last night, I finally had enough of letting myself crumble and made a plan to keep myself together.

1. For 15 minutes right before sleep, meditate. I never understood what meditating entailed but this is what I do: find a completely silent place and focus on your breathing. In, out. In, out. Or, sometimes I count and just focus on that. Once I discussed this with an awesome sociology professor of mine, and she suggested that when an “outside” thought–that is, a thought that plagues your life, such as bills–enters your mind, start back at the number one. For some reason, this soothes me more than chamomile tea.

2. Each day, keep up with new job postings. I frequent every day so that I don’t lose track of postings I’ve already seen. By going to the advanced search, you can narrow the search down to only the past 24 hours. It saves you time instead of having to backlog a few days worth and you stay fresh with new opportunities just posted.

3. Think about that brownie. When I reach for sweets, it’s usually because I’m trying to either avoid something unpleasant or give myself that warm feeling that the job market just fails at doing. I tell myself that the good feelings the brownie gives me will only last until I’ve finished eating it–all of one minute. Those bad feelings will still be there. Do something that will help you be proactive rather than procrastinate.

4. Get down on the floor and stretch. Honestly, best morning ritual ever. I go to sleep in my (clean!) workout clothes and wake up ready to get down–on my yoga mat! Just taking 5 minutes to do some simple stretches can change your outlook for the day. I go to websites such as to find easy moves when I’m in a funk. Working on balance, such as when I stretch my quads, also gives off a feeling of calmness to the body and mind. At the end of each stetch session, I take three deep breaths.

5. Pump up the music and jam out. Pretty straight forward–it gives me a giant release.

6. Keep a list of jobs to which you applied so that follow-ups are more simple. keeps a history of all your applications, cover letters, and resumes for easy tracking. I highly recommend!

As you can see, it’s a mix of ideas that help with organizing the job search but mostly to keep me sane. It’s important that I’m in a good place so that I can keep my momentum going for those future job interviews! 😉

When all else fails, I reminisce about really great times in my life.

Views from Le Tour Eiffel, Summer 2009

My days with Glitterbug

Nights out with amazing friends





the pure happiness I get from a Starbucks soy iced coffee — and the fact that I scouted this particular one out in Paris


My point is, I need to remember this rough spot all of us job-seekers are experiencing is but a momentary time. We’ll all find our way, regardless of if it’s the way we thought we would take. Thank goodness. 😉


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