insomnia, much?

25 February 2010 at 4:54 am Leave a comment

I’m exhausted but I can’t seem to shut my mind off. It’s ironic that I’m reading a lot about utopian societies for a seminar class I’m taking and they all have one thing in common: there’s no money. No money! Well, not all of them have absolutely no money but they all share the idea that everyone should make the same wage and everyone should contribute. A gal about to graduate with a BA in History can really feel connected to this concept. πŸ˜‰ I’m moving many, many miles away from where I am upon graduation, so it makes the job-finding process that much harder (as if the job market wasn’t already a scary topic to think about). In particular, making interviews work has been an issue I’m trying to work out. Of course, no one’s going to hire a candidate without meeting them–I’m sure it’s possible, but just not likely–thus, I’ve scheduled a weekend to visit my new destination to go check out the job market and hopefully meet with some potential employers. I know my parents, co-workers, and basically every human around me is telling me that everyone graduating from college is going through this rough time, too. But, just that fact alone is not soothing my thoughts enough to let me ease into a gentle sleep. For the past several nights. I’m working too much and not focusing on school work enough. Here’s my grief with that: a couple of profs this semester are the type that are more into the rules and going on a power trip than the material. Case in point #1: in one syllabus, it literally says that a student must place his/her cell phone on their desk when they leave the room to use the restroom, as to asure it’s not for a personal call. My argument: it’s none of anyone’s business why I’m leaving the classroom and if I want to take a call, I will. It’s only hurting me if I miss the prof’s lecture for those precious 45 seconds. Case in point #2: I had to make an individual work plan for a project due at the end of the semester. Mind you, this entired mapping out week by week what I was going to work on for the project, including the days in which I expected to work and how many work hours per day. Hi, I do not have my life mapped out like that; I don’t know what the second week in April is going to look like for me; I have had many a project due at the end of the semester before and low and behold…each and every one of them have been completed on time and recieve stellar reviews. So while I’m worrying about making my rent next month, profs are concerned about ridiculous, completely unnecessary, tree-wasting activities. Because beign in college does not mean being treated like an adult. I got it.


Here’s a run of photos to sum up a couple days.

The picture of outside actually looks like I took a picture of a tv. It really is a window out, peering outside my house. Weird reflections, right? The last photo is an awesome melon that I spontaneously purchased along with one of my fav frozen meals. Yum!

Hopefully, sleep is in my veeeery near future! πŸ™‚


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beat graduation…2 months away?!

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