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I can’t tell if Monday won or if I won today. I am beat tonight. I was in the office all day and did some major job seeking tonight along with reading 100+ pages with many more to go. I’m a bit frustrated with my seemingly endless struggle with financial issues and my full-out fatigue tonight. So much so that the fact that I’m totally coming down with a cold of some sort doesn’t seem to be a concern to me! I guess that’s the silver lining, right? 😉

Here are some snapshots to sum up the last day or so:

Dinner tonight was a sliced up chicken breast (baked/slathered in Low-Fat Raspberry Walnut Dressing) on ww bread and a slice of veggie cheese (cheddar flavor). Next to it, you can see these tasty little apple crisps that I scored on sale from the natural section of Stop & Shop. (I’m actually not sure if the store calls it their “natural” section, but I do because everything in there is of the natural/organic variety.)

Moving on…

This was last night’s dinner. As you can see, the chicken made an appearance. It’s Operation Save By Buying A Lot of One Thing in my household (which only includes me, of course 😉 ) so I bought some chicken to 1. save some money on expensive alternatives; 2. super simple to bake and reheat (bought 3 breasts); 3. not only is it easy but it’s fairly healthy and 4. I’m slowly reintroducing poultry/meat back into my life…it was absent for quite some time! But for the some reason, I feel physically better when I consume meat on a regular basis. Not necessarily daily, but bi-daily (is that a word?!) at least. Next to my chicken breast is left over from my dinner with Dad at Bertucci’s. It was a goat cheese, sundried tomato, spinach, mushroom mix. So good. And some tomatos that I barely ate because they had no flavor, were not juicy at all, and were oddly…hard? They weren’t good anymore, apparently.

And, any time I find myself actually in my house, I almost immediately go for my favorite pair of sweats. Can you see that they saw EQUESTRIAN down the leg? I competed in horse shows for 13 years because “retiring” out of physical, financial, and career-oriented reasonson a couple years ago. These are from my one year of being on my college’s Intercollegiate Horse Showing Association (IHSA) team. That year was intense! Then, I settled down with my new Self magazine to calm my nerves about other stuff in life. As I stretch at night or in the morning, I go through magazines.

Then, imagine many cups of coffee and many cups of decaf, chamomile tea in the past few days. It’s winter, I’m tired, and coming down with a cold. Hot beverages are my saviors. 🙂 Back to reading!


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cup cozy insomnia, much?

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