being versus doing to have

10 February 2010 at 3:20 am Leave a comment

That was the topic of my sociology course today. Kinda. There were actually a lot of themes in this class. It’s called “Sociology of Education.” We started out by discussing American society and how it breeds us into humans who cannot relax. And, I agree. I feel like I’m being lazy if I’m not doing anything and that I constantly need to be doing something productive. If I sit idly, just to sit for a moment and think, somehow my brain translates that into wasting time. Thinking and wasting time are not one in the same! I am quite the nervous person– fear of money problems, failing exams, failing at life, etc. etc. etc. I can’t fail at life if I’m doing things that I deem important and valuable. The only way I fail at life is if I listen to society telling me I’m failing at life. I want to just be. I’m tired (literally) of striving to meet the “standards” that American society places upon me. I just want to sit and think. Stop stressing about a test that won’t really show what I’ve taken away from a class. Stop thinking about all the applications and standardized tests that await me in life. Just stop. And breathe.

Anyway, the class ended in a 20-minute meditation/story session. On the floor. My 15 or so classmates, professor, and me. Let me just say, classes should take place in a circle, on the floor, just thinking. Being equal. Just saying.

In other news, I reinjured my darn foot again. Last summer, before I departed for France, I went for a jog one day and woke up the next with a horrible case os tendonitis. Ouch. 3.5 weeks later (2 of those being in France), I finally was able to walk without pain. Well, this past Saturday, I went for a jog at the gym, and woke up Sunday with horrible pain, exactly where it was last summer. I soaked my foot in epsom salt tonight and it actually did wonders, despite my skepticism. I’m taking ibuprofen and icing occassionally. I need to walk to class and unfortunately that means that I’m doing about 45 minutes of walking a day. By the end of today, my foot was throbbing and I opted to take the (very inconvenient) bus back to my car. A 15 minute travel turned into 35 or 40. Oh, well. My foot hurt!

Tomorrow is looking like a sweet snow day so it’ll be a day of rest for my poor foot! 🙂


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